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Thousands of Flights Cancelled as Winter Storm Hits the U.S.


Flights to the northeastern US are being disrupted by a major snow storm, known

Flights to the northeastern US are being disrupted by a major snow storm, known as Winter Storm Toby, on Wednesday.

New York’s JFK airport said that more than 600 flights have been cancelled while there have been 845 cancellations at Newark – around 75 percent of its normal schedule. With warnings that this situation could get worse.

Washington DC’s Dulles International said it was “open and operating” on Wednesday but warned of delays and cancellations. British Airways said it had made “some changes” to transatlantic flights because of the storm.

“The worst affected airports are likely to be New York JFK, Newark and Boston and we will be making some changes to our schedule of flights to and from those airports,” said BA.

US-based carriers cancelled more than 4,000 flights on Wednesday due to the storm, including Delta, which has axed around 500 flights.

“The storm is expected to bring moderate to heavy snow and high winds throughout much of Wednesday,” said Delta in a statement. “Cancelling flights before the storm hits is a key part of Delta's strategy to provide customers with more predictability in their travel plans.

“Delta will also fly aircraft away from storm-impacted airports to prevent them from being covered with snow overnight, enabling the airline to resume flights as soon as weather conditions allow.”

Source: Buying Business Travel

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