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Cuba Ventures Corp. Launches Cuban Hospitality Consulting Division


Cuba Ventures Corp. is pleased to announce that it has formally created an inter

Cuba Ventures Corp. is pleased to announce that it has formally created an internal division focused on consulting in the Cuban Hospitality & Hotel sector. Hotel & Resort Management Company Adonis Resorts agrees to an exclusivity agreement for the island of Cuba. Cuba Ventures to begin searching for suitable properties to be managed by Adonis Resorts. Update on Hurricane Irma & U.S travels to Cuba.

Management wishes to outline the underlying motivations for the creation of a Cuban Hospitality Consulting Division. The company operates 432 Cuba focused websites, generating approximately 35 million page views annually.

The wholly owned, fully licensed travel division, Travelucion, generates significant annual revenues from Travel related sales, including hotel & resort bookings. On July 27, 2017, the company acquired equity in a Florida, the USA licensed Travel Company, thus securing legal travel sales in the United States.

On March 22, 2017, Cuba Ventures announced its exclusive agreement with Hotel industry supplier Tyrval and, on Aug. 03, 2017, the company announced the conclusion of a commercial mission with the founding director of Tyrval, which generated potential orders of over 10 million USD, from which Cuba Ventures is party to a 5% royalty.

Similarly, over the past 12 months, management has been incessantly approached by numerous hotel chains, from Europe and North America, looking to enter the Cuban market.

This evident triangulation of in-house, self-generated accommodation bookings, hotel refurbishment opportunities via Tyrval and the prospect of securing suitable properties, in partnership with established hotel groups, cannot be overlooked as a closed loop vision.

Should our nascent Cuban hospitality Consulting Division be successful, it will ensure guaranteed and exclusive rooms to our network of websites. Simultaneously, while the hotel properties are undergoing facelifts, Tyrval will undoubtedly benefit.

Consequently, as tourism continues to increase to Cuba, the exclusivity surrounding guaranteed room allocations will increase interest from worldwide travel consortiums in the hotel & resort infrastructure and digital marketing prowess controlled by Cuba Ventures Corp.

Beyond the short term consulting related revenue obtainable from Hotel chains anxious to enter Cuba, Cuba Ventures Corp will propose a less onerous consulting service, which reduces significantly ongoing and fruition fees for consulting services, in exchange for both total exclusivities on room inventory and equity in any resulting hotel or resort agreement.

Cuba Ventures Corp will forge relationships with current Cuban consulting specialists and, may also consider acquiring prominent players in this realm.

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