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Brad Moss Says Trump Didn’t Shut Down Cuba Travel


Cuba Unbound ( has taken a lead in the active travel and lig

Cuba Unbound wants the U.S. public to know one thing: “Donald Trump did not stop travel to Cuba,” says Brad Moss, Director at Adventure Unbound, the parent company of Cuba Unbound. “We've had an overwhelming amount of people thinking citizens of the United States cannot travel to Cuba anymore. It's just not true.”

While traditional individual tourism, such as self-planned resort stays and beach vacations, are still prohibited (as they have been for 60 years), individuals can still join group tours on people-to-people itineraries. The official sanctions, anticipated to be released sometime in the coming months, "mainly affect the travelers who, for the past couple of years, checked a box and signed a paper that said, 'yes, I am going on a people-to-people tour,' when, in fact, they weren't," explains Moss. "The new O.F.A.C. regulations are simply tightening that up and making sure travelers are joining a people-to-people group tour. It's really as simple as that."

The other regulations are stipulations that companies like Cuba Unbound must follow, such as using only approved hotels on their tours. Travelers interested in visiting Cuba can visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury website for updates and in-depth information about the current policy:

Cuba Unbound ( has taken a lead in the active travel and light adventure niche in Cuba. In addition to their award-winning kayak programs, they have also introduced other people-to-people tours including: national park walking tours, classic cars, rum, and cigars tours, bike tours, and the only people-to-people private catamaran tour.

"The reality is, if you are a U.S. citizen looking to immerse yourself in the culture of Cuba in a transformative way, we can do things that nobody else can do. We have the equipment for activities nobody else can make happen, have actively trained guides that nobody else has...and best of all, it's legal!" says Moss. "Trump didn't take it away. Don't believe the headlines!"

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