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Alberto Lescay: An Artist Born in Santiago who Juggles Many Hats


By Alicia Brito Castañón

Santiago de Cuba, the Hero City, proudly shows the monuments created by his strong hands. “Antonio Maceo” Revolution Square features one of his most colossal works, with plenty of patriotic identity.

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Alberto Lescay Merencio graduated in Painting (1968) at “José Joaquín Tejada” Fine Arts Workshop School; Sculpture (1973) at "Cubanacán” National Art School and he became an Art Professor (1979) at "Repin" Academy of Sculpture, Architecture, Painting and Graphic, in San Petersburg, Russia. Such studies gave him the tools to carry out 35 solo shows and participate in several collective exhibits, in Cuba and overseas.

Santiago’s public space has had elements of his art for years and, over the last years, his creations have amazed us due to the perfection, aesthetic and knowledge of Master Lescay.

The bust dedicated to Toussaint Louverture is located at Las Américas Avenue; Martí Promenade and the Central Avenue are headed by the figure of our National Apostle, José Martí; Love Garden Sculptural Work is shown at Heredia Theater; the Monument to Maurice Bishop is housed at Casa del Caribe; “Dynamics of the Atom” mural decks out the façade of the Medical Biophysics Institute, at the Eastern University and the Monument to the Cimarrón is nestled in El Cobre.

The last one, along with Neg Mawo Monument - based on an original design by Martinican artist René Corail in Le Lamentin, Martinique -, are Alberto Lescay’s contribution to  UNESCO’s “Slave Pathway” program.

During the 24th of the Caribbean Festival, the Culture Director of UNESCO’s Regional Office, Francisco Lacayo, described him as the utmost monument sculptor of the Caribbean.

The list of his works abroad include the King’s Head, showcased at Ukraine’s Museum of Fine Arts; Peace Mural at Moscow’s Painters League and the Monument to the Warrior Spirit, the symbol of Puerto Cabello City in Carabobo, Venezuela.

The international presence of this Illustrious Son of Santiago de Cuba (2011) has enriched his creative experiences. His stay in Okinawa, Japan, speaks of it as he painted the lids of the first five pianos that are going to be named after the famous Cuban musician Chucho Valdés. On the other hand, at Mexican state Querétaro he made his first mural paintings and other pieces with bull blood.

Lescay was the founder and creator of the Caguayo Foundation for Monumental and Applied Arts. This institution represents over 300 Cuban fine artists and provides services to embassies and other entities. Its workshops have contributed to develop the works of creators from over 15 countries, with outstanding presence in the Caribbean and other neighboring nations.

This artist also organizes the René Valdés Cedeño National Symposium on Environmental Sculpture, so the city obtains new sculptures that perfectly spruce up the public space.

Creating is the main goal of Alberto Lescay Merencio, whose pictorial or sculptural works stand as true symbols of Cuban identity, culture and art for all times.

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